After taking my diploma in economic science I worked for several years in management and the international art market for contemporary visual art. During this time I got married and had two children. I became increasingly interested in visual art, and a diploma in art history extended my knowledge. For around twenty years I was then involved with various aspects of art and cultural administration. I ran my own gallery for contemporary visual art in Berlin-Mitte for twelve years.
With the Alexander Technique I came in contact 2002, and my affinity to it was strengthened by my leisure activities in music and movement. Through the technique I gradually experienced how substantial and far-reaching change can be, and how much perceptual ability I was able to develop. The use of the technique also lightened my working and everyday life. This became increasingly interesting the more I went into it, and so I decided to train as a teacher of the F. M. Alexander Technique in a three-year daily programme.
since 2008 I am a full-time Alexander teacher, and the former premises of the Galerie Blickensdorff are now light and clear spaces for the Alexander-Technique- Center.

Since I am a rider for now over 25 years and horse owner as well, the Alexander-work with riders plays a major role in my Alexander-life.

Meanwhile I bettered myselfe in many international Alexander special- and  intensive-courses.

To understand more about the mode of action of the Alexander-Technique, I busy myselfe with adjacent techniques as well, like Vipassana-meditation, Centered Riding and overton singing.