Alexander-Technique is usefull for all humans, whou want to improve theire coordination and insertion of bodily and mental power.

some examples:

  • relief stress and tension,
  • endorsement in the process of individual developement,
  • balance professional or intensive body-work, for dancers, musicians, actors , riders
  • during pregnancy  (with increase in weight, with change of balance point), to adapt  movement to the modified conditions,
  • to present oneselfe in the public in a good way, with a natural voice and with a good use of the selfe, for manager, politician, or teachers
  • to handle physical strain due to profession, for dentists, nurses,  or people, working in front of the computer,
  • to handle ailments which are a result of malposition and incidents of the musculoskeleteral system and to get rid of backpain, shoulderpain, headache, hardenings, tensions and circulatory disturbance,
  •  to come after accidents and operations in untroubled  courses of movement, free of pain,
  • to find a bodily approach for the solution of psychosomatic disruption.

There are four studies on the impact of Alexander Technique lessons on back pain:

1. Randomised controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for patients with chronic low back pain

2. Improvement in automatic postural coordination following Alexander Technique lessons in a person with low back pain

3. The impact of Alexander Technique lessons on chronic mechanical low back pain

4. Alexander technique and Supervised Physiotherapy Exercises in back paiN (ASPEN): a four-group randomised feasibility trial

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